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We highly recommend:


TransferWise Payment Service

A) TransferWise Payment service Now a days the most efficient, fastest, reliable international Money transfer payment gateway with the lowest ever charge/fees but the highest possible currency exchange rate provider is named “TransferWise“. It is in fact very easy to sign up and send money online or make payment online regardless from your local bank account or Credit/Debit cards (**conditions apply) to your desired country to a specific bank account. Just watch below given 3 videos and make your first online money transfer!

** N.B. : For online money transfer you need to have your own bank account with your own name or if you are using cards then need to have your own name printed on it. **

Our Bank detail which you need while making transaction online via Transferwise is given below:

  1.   From your side choose your Currency “Euro/Dollars/GBP” from the drop down list. Please for the   Sender Country currency choose “Bangladeshi TAKA (BDT)” from the drop down list.
  2.  Account Name :  MOHAMMAD FARJUL ISLAM  (Surname – Islam )
  3.  Bank Name :  DUTCH-BANGLA BANK LTD ( Choose from the dropdown list )
  4.  Branch Name :   ASHKONA (DHAKA-NORTH)  ( Choose from the dropdown list )
  5.  Account Number :  20215185248  (It is a Personal Savings Account. PLS do not choose a Business account)
  6.  Description :  PLS choose ” Payment for a service from outside country “.

Please watch the videos below to know all about TransferWise Payment Service:

For detail and important informations please follow the >> LINK

Paypal Payment Service

B) Paypal Payment service If and Only if the Payment amount is below $100 / 100 Euros. Please keep in mind that if the payment amount is ABOVE $100 or same amount in any other currencies and the customer pays it online via Paypal payment service without prior discussion with us, the payment will be considered as UNPAID or the client will be responsible for any kind of inconveniences regarding this payment.  Our Paypal ID : Please use “Family & Friends” option while sending money to AVOID any fees or charges !

 Please watch the video below to know all about PAYPAL Payment Service:
For detail information please follow the >> LINK

D) EasyPayWay payment service

Please watch the video below to know all about EasyPayWay Payment Service:

How it is work?

To pay us online we only need the scanned copy of your Passport and Billing Address of yours. What you need is just send a scanned copy of your Passport and the Billing Address of yours to us through email.

After getting these documents (yours) we will send you an Invoice in your email with which you can pay us using your Credit or Debit card.

Which card we accept?

We currently accept any Visa, MasterCard and American Express. MasterCard and American Express sometimes causing problems but Visa is very swift.

Is it secured?

Yes. It is fully secured. All the transaction happened in a secured website of our bank and the fund is transferred to us later. We did not preserve or get any sort of information about your card (Debit/ Credit) at all.

Do you need my card information?

No. Not at all. After getting your Passport and Billing Address we will create an Invoice for you and send it to you with a link of it with your Log-In details.

You will get two (2) automatic email from our system. After getting these emails you can Log-In and make the payment securely with your card. We do not need or even asked any of your card information at all.

I didn’t received any email (from the system). What to do?

In that case there’s nothing to worried. Please check your SPAM or JUNK folder. Automatic emails end up in the SPAM or JUNK folder most of the times.

If you still didn’t get it. Then please let us know and we will send it again to you.

Is there any extra charge?

Yes. You have to pay 2.5% extra as online transaction fees on total payment you made (including the transaction fees) to us. Is extra amount (2.5%) is charged by our bank for any card payment from abroad.

How do I know my transaction is successful?

Every time you made a payment to us you will get an automatic money receipt which is sent to your email if your transaction is successful.

I can’t make the payment. What’s the problem?

Sometimes you may facing some difficulties to make the payment. It’s because of the bank restriction issues on making payment to any unrecognized business in Bangladesh (except hotels).

In that case your payment won’t get through to us. If facing this kind difficulties you need to call your bank and tell them to clear the payment or transaction.

Another reason you may face the problem because of your bank’s server regular maintenance. In that case you need to try another time to make the payment.

How long it takes to transfer the fund?

After a payment is made and the transaction is successful, it takes about a week to transfer the fund to our account.

So we advise to make the payment to booked our services at least a week before the service date in case of any big amount that you intend to pay online.

For any day tours or short tours like 2-3 days tour, you can pay any time you like.

Do you accept wire transfer?

Yes. We do. But only if you have enough time (more than a month before your tour start) in your hand.

In that case we will give you our bank details with swift code through an email so that you can make the payment. After receiving the payment we will send an invoice to your mail.

Do you accept bank transfer?

Yes. We do. Normally it takes 7-10 working days (depends on your bank and country you reside) to transfer the amount to our bank account. After receiving the payment we will send an invoice to your mail.

In that case we will give you our bank details with swift code through an email so that you can make the payment.

Do you have other payment options?

Yes. We do. We accept Payza, Payoneer, Western Union and bKash as our alternate payment options.

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